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news — Filip Timmermans receives medal of honor from KU Leuven

On Monday, Oct. 30, our founder Filip Timmermans received a university medal of honor from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering at KU Leuven. His life's work as a visionary in the Belgian modular construction world played a crucial role in the award. Filip graduated as an Industrial Engineer 20 years ago.

Both Skilpod and the integrated Industrial Engineer program are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. Before 2013, the program was a college course. Filip says, "If someone had said twenty years ago that an industrial engineer would receive an honorary medal from KU Leuven, we would have simply declared them crazy."

Filip is pleased with the recognition this honorary medal gives to the many industrial engineers, old and young, who are the beating heart of innovation. Skilpod's engineering-first culture has played a crucial role in our success in recent years. Filip: "If you really want to make big leaps forward, in any industry, you need people like us. We turn science into tactical applications, products and services that meet the challenges in our society. Today and tomorrow."

The growth Filip achieved in recent years with Skilpod shows that he embodies the profile the faculty envisioned from the beginning: "technologically versatile with distinct management skills. An engineer who combines visionary thinking with result-oriented efficiency and social commitment." So says Rector Luc Sels in a letter to Filip Timmermans.

Published: 31 October 2023

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