investing and construction projects

Skilpods as an investment — construction projects

Whether you're a small investor looking to make a return on your savings, or a large organization fighting the housing shortage on a daily basis, Skilpod can help you out. You can come to us for business construction projects from a single house, a small subdivision, an apartment building, all the way to entire new housing developments.

make your savings pay off

Small investors can always turn to Skilpod. You don't have to order large volumes of homes with us. Since we've already engineered our Skilpods to perfection for our private customers, as a business customer you can also just order one Skilpod. 

A few examples of what is possible:

  • You have a piece of open building land and put a Skilpod on it to rent out.
  • You have your building land subdivided and put one or more semi-open combinations on it. With or without the idea of living in one of the houses yourself.
  • You put a small Skilpod on a piece of recreational land to host tourists.
  • You inherit an outdated house, have it demolished and put a new Skilpod on the vacant land to sell.
  • You offer your building land for sale in collaboration with us. By having a Skilpod "virtually" inplanted on your building lot, your building lot immediately looks attractive to people looking for a house on short notice.

Do you have your own idea or proposal? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Curious about what it's like to build with Skilpod? Read about Kenny's experience with Skilpod building a house to rent out.

large new construction projects

You can also use Skilpod's expertise and years of experience for larger projects. We've built entire neighborhoods for all kinds of organizations in the past, both ground-based and stacked (flats), permanent and temporary. Our modular flats can be built up to 5 stories high.  

Large projects are always tailored to the available land and the needs of the client and local community. To this end, we combine our pre-designed modular units with additional elements such as facades, staircases, green roofs, etc. Read more about the possibilities and benefits or contact us to discuss how we can help your organization.

ready for more? 

Are you convinced one or more Skilpods are a good investment? Or do you still have some questions? Are you curious about the options regarding bigger projects? Let us know!