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Having a new house built, you also like to have the right construction partner under your belt. This search is not always easy. Especially if you are also looking into prefab and modular construction. (Tip: be sure to check out our article on the pros and cons of modular construction).

To make your search a little easier we like to share reviews from our customers and explain our own experience as well.

more than 10 years of experience in modular building

Founded in 2012, Skilpod can look back on a decade of experience. We have a nice archive of past projects that we can look back on with pride. For those who have an understanding of finance: our annual accounts can be found at the balance sheet center.

In all those years we have been scrutinized several times, from different angles: by journalists, for reports of all kinds, by the construction sector itself, for our Thor Award and by the JCI organization, for the JCI Award that our founder Filip Timmermans won. You don't just get those awards for a bit of tinkering, you have to be able to demonstrate tangible results.

We are also proud recipients of the support of our investors Van Roey, Futech, Welvaartsfonds and the Innovation Agency of the Flemish government. Thanks to them, we are even more confident and we consider their support an additional quality label.

an enthusiastic and fun community

But if we are completely honest, there is only one thing that counts: satisfied customers. For us, the ultimate proof that we are doing a good job is what we see every day in our mailbox: people who come knocking on our door after friends, family or colleagues have already bought a Skilpod and recommended us.

So we are very happy to have such a positive community behind us and hope to welcome many more people to that community.

reviews and experiences highlighted

relaxing in the South, a second home for Karin & Vincent

Sometimes it can be interesting to see yourself through someone else's eyes. As it turns out, for Karin and her partner Vincent, who live and work in a Dutch coastal town during the week, a small Belgian village is a delightfully exotic destination. Far away from the sea winds and cold, cozy among the fruit trees. For them, Skilpod was a convenient partner to quickly and easily build a second home in "the South."

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Leefruimte in een Skilpod #100, zithoek bij het groot raam

why Sigrid and Erik loved building with Skilpod

After ample previous experience with construction and renovation, Sigrid and Erik were looking for a new home, without all the hassle. After a visit to our workshop, they were convinced. 9 months after signing the contract, they could already start unpacking their boxes, in their new nest next to Sigrid's parent's home. The absence of selection stress, the speed of construction and the great after-sales service team were their favorite benefits of Skilpod.

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the benefits of Skilpod according to Lucie

  1. The reliable people: "I always got the same person on the line, who knows who you are and how the works were going. I was always well-informed."
  2. How cool the whole team is. It was great to come here every day and have a coffee together.
  3. How little stress the whole process gave her.

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how Kenny experienced Skilpod

"I hesitated very briefly," Kenny says. Because of a personal setback, she put the project on hold for a while, but that was short-lived. "I had some people around me who could support me technically, because I thought that was going to be my pitfall, but I never had to call on them. If there was anything, I could always turn to Skilpod. Even for me as a woman with no construction knowledge, everything was clear." Before the installation, she wondered if there was anything she needed to pay attention to, anything else she needed to do, but again, everything turned out to be taken care of. "Even the workmen who did the placement were able to answer my questions."

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why Patricia and Gert love Skilpod

  1. The after-sales service. They were always helped quickly and clicked with the people who came over
  2. The design, especially the red stone strips. Patricia doesn't understand why people choose anything else.
  3. Green building and living. That was an absolute requirement for Gert to buy and it was certainly met.

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Louise's experience in her Skilpod #140

"We first came into contact with Skilpod around March 2021, and we were able to move in August of the same year! We were always pleasantly received by Toon-Bert who was always ready with the necessary advice. After we had discussed everything well, we only had to wait for the moment of delivery. Well, if you can call 3 months 'waiting'... We have been living in our Skilpod #140 for more than half a year now and still enjoy all that light, that sleek design and how maintenance-friendly the house is every day. We would recommend this way of building to anyone! Thanks, Skipod!"

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