testimonial — a second house in the South for VincentVincent and Karin wanted a second home in the south to unwind on weekends. And since they are Dutch, they thought Flanders was already southern enough.

sustainable building — prefab is anything but a one-hit wonderDoes a prefab house last as long as a brick house? What is the lifespan of prefabricated houses, and what factors determine it?

testimonial - Sigrid, Erik and the most colorful SkilpodSigrid and Eric live next to their parents' home, in the most colorful Skilpod we've had the privilege of visiting

affordable building — 6% VAT on demolition and reconstruction in 2024What are the conditions in 2024 to enjoy a reduced 6% VAT rate on demolition and reconstruction? And does this also apply if you buy a Skilpod?

testimonial — Lucie moved to her own backyardLucie had lived in her childhood home for 62 years: in a typical Flemish house: with 5 bedrooms, high maintenance and rising utility costs. She couldn't just leave it behind.

smart building — a spectacular installationWhat do you do when the construction site is in an inaccessible location and your client still wants a Skilpod? Cut a deal with the neighbors.

news — Skilpod selected for framework contract Wonen in Vlaanderen 2023With the Wonen in Vlaanderen 2023 project, the Flemish government is providing more than a billion euros for the social rental market.

testimonial — Kristel and Peter and her brother live next to each other in two semi-detached SkilpodsKristel and her brother were looking for a new home at the same time. Two semi-detached Skilpods turned out to be the perfect solution.

news — Skilpod lands capital increase of 11 million eurosWith this substantial capital investment of 11 million euros, Skilpod is ready for the next chapter in our story.

nieuws — Filip Timmermans krijgt erepenning KU LeuvenOur founder Filip Timmermans received a university medal of honor from KU Leuven. His life's work as a visionary in modular construction played a crucial role.

news — Skilpod is 10 years oldSkilpod is 10 years old and we celebrated this with a big party in the weekend of September 15th to 17th.

smart building — 11 homes in 4 daysWe did it again. At the historical site of the Chocolate Factory in Tongeren, we built 11 new homes in 4 days.

testimonial — Kenny invested in a Skilpod to rent outKenny invested in a Skilpod to rent out. In this testimonial, you can read how she experienced that and what the biggest pluses are.

building process — what is the Skilpod ambassador bonus?Of course we love it when our fans recommend us to other people. So much so that we decided to give them a reward: the ambassador bonus

sustainable building — E-levels, EPCs, energy neutral apples and orangesAre Skilpods energy neutral? What is the E-level of a Skilpod? Or the EPC? We're happy to clarify it for you, so you know what you're comparing.

news — Skilpod selected as the only Belgian building company for the Aedes framework contractOn April 13 in The Hague, we officially stepped into a framework contract issued Aedes, the umbrella association of Dutch housing associations

news — Skilpod flats in Trendstop construction editionA modular solution to the housing shortage. Skilpod is literally aiming higher, by building modular wood-frame apartments.

smart investing — a Skilpod for rentYou may have encountered these posts on our social media: a Skilpod for rent. These always get a lot of positive reactions.

news — Filip Timmermans on the Bao podcastSkilpod founder Filip Timmermans talks about the origins of Skilpod, where we get our inspiration and where we're headed

news — interview with Jan Vrijs in Bouwnieuws"The home of the future is a lifestyle rather than a status symbol"

news — Jan Vrijs construction man of the yearOn December 8, 2022, the Belgian Construction Awards ceremony took place. Skilpod co-founder Jan Vrijs won the Construction Man of the Year award there.

sustainable building — why Skilpods are completely gas-freeGas-free living - also known as all-electric - simply means you no longer use natural gas in your home. That mainly impacts heating, hot water and how you cook.

smart building — 10 homes in 5 days10 homes in 5 days? No problem, thanks to our smart building system. As we proved in Lokeren at the start of September.

news — Skilpod combats housing crisis with modular timber frame apartmentsTo combat the housing crisis, you need more than single-family homes. That's why we're launching Skilpod modular apartment buildings

testimonial — sitting down with Patricia and GertYou may have already seen them pop up on our social media as the first official Skilpod ambassadors: Gert and Patricia, owners of a red #100.

smart building — why we choose modular buildingModular building has a lot of benefits. It's faster, safer and more ecological than traditional forms of building.

affordable building — why buying today is still better than buying tomorrowIt doesn't look like it's going to get any easier to buy your own home in the near future. Buying yesterday would have been even better, but today is the second-best option.

building safety — why a wooden home is more fireproof than you thinkIs a wooden home fireproof? More fireproof than you'd think. We put our wood to the test.

smart building — emergency housing for refugeesCan we use modular timber frame building to help house refugees?

building process — how do you know that you can trust SkilpodWe also watched the Pano documentary of February 2nd with growing frustration, anger and shock. How can you be sure you can trust us?

smart building — prefab is not a dirty wordA lot of people don't trust prefab. Why this reputation? And is it justified?

news — Industrial building for your homeIn the recent edition of Trends Magazine, Filip explains our philosophy, ways of working and vision of the future.

sustainable building - what is LVL and why do we love it?Our Skilpods aren't made from any old regular wood, but special, industrial-strength LVL. We love this type of wood for a variety of reasons.

sustainable building — how long does a wooden house last?Belgians stick to their much-loved bricks. Some fear a wooden house can't stand the test of time. But is this founded in reality?

building process — what to look for when trying to find a building plot for your SkilpodSo you're sold on the Skilpod concept, but still looking for a piece of land? There are a few things you need to consider, but not as many as you might expect.

smart building — how do we protect your Skilpod from moisture?There's no way around it: it rains a lot in Belgium. So what impact does this have on a timber frame home like our Skilpods? How do we protect them from moisture?

fast building - building a home in a few weeksBuilding a home in only a few weeks. It seems absurd when compared to 'normal' building projects. But we don't like to get bogged down by what other people's 'normal'.

sustainable building — what makes Skilpods sustainable?Anyone that wants to be future-proof has to take sustainability into account. In everything we do, we look at the ecological impact. Find out what makes us sustainable.

building process — how do we install a SkilpodIt's spectacular and special: the installation of a Skilpod. Our customers always want to witness it when the moment arrives

smart building — how quiet is a wooden house?How are the acoustics of a Skilpod? What measures do we take to keep the noise out of our Skilpods?

news — look, your home is just around the cornerNot ready to buy yet? Perhaps the Cocosi rental formula is a good alternative. Rent a Skilpod.

news — Skilpod wins Thor Award for initiator of the yearOn the 29th of January, we got crowned Initiator of the Year by the Bouwunie. Were very proud of this award and will give it a prominent place in our workshop.

sustainable building — is it still a good idea to install solar panels?Now that the reverse meter is being phased out, does it still make sense to install solar panels? Spoiler alert: yes.

news — a factory-made homeIn their 22 October edition, Trends Magazine focused on innovation in the construction sector. Of course, we had to be featured in this special.

news — Skilpod ready for international growthThanks to a participation of Groep Cretskens, U2P Group and Groep Van Roey we can take the next step in the building revolution

sustainable building — Skilpods on a boatWe love questioning the standard ways of doing things, in every step of the process. Why use trucks, when the building project is next a body of water?

news — Skilpod wins JCI AwardOn 20 March 2019 one of our founders, Filip Timmermans, won the JCI Award for young entrepreneurs.