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testimonial — Lucie moved to her own backyard

Lucie had lived in her childhood home for 62 years. A classic Flemish home with 5 bedrooms, high maintenance and an energy bill that kept rising year after year. She didn't want the house to decay, but when she began researching what a renovation would cost her in time and effort she almost had a panic attack. Would she sell the house she had lived in for so long? Move away from her familiar surroundings?

Fortunately, there turned out to be a great solution: at the back of her yard, she could subdivide a piece of land, to build a new home on. This way she could sell her parents' house, but still continue to live close by.

As a woman alone, she didn't feel like embarking on another big construction project, so she started looking for turnkey homes. And as soon as she came across Skilpod, lightning struck. "I immediately fell in love! You guys had just released the #108 and that was totally what I wanted. Like a condo, but in the suburbs with a little garden." 

The entire construction process went smoothly. After a few conversations with Skilpod, she signed a contract in May 2021. By April 2022, she was able to move in. "Every day, I looked forward to walking through my garden and checking the progress, having a chat with the guys on the team." Because the building site was across from a school, we scheduled the placement during the spring break to cause as little inconvenience as possible.

"I don't mind at all living right across a school. I enjoy watching the children play. And thanks to good insulation, you can't hear any noise inside". With the large iconic Skilpod window at the front of her house, that's extra easy.

Whether she sometimes misses her childhood home? "Actually no. I have everything I need here. When I looked at the plan beforehand, I had some doubts about the layout, but once you live in it everything turns out to be very logical. And with my little garden I'm perfectly located here."

why Lucie loves Skilpod

  • The reliable people: "I always got the same person on the line, who knows who you are and how the works were going. I was always well-informed."
  • How cool the whole team is. It was great to come here every day and have a coffee together.
  • How little stress the whole process gave her.

what struck us

  • The beautiful garden, with the sunken patio in the back
  • The lush plants inside, seemingly very happy with the unique climate of a wood-frame house
  • Lucie's clever use of space in her bathroom. By hanging a shower curtain, she was able to add another shelf in the shower area to have everything close at hand
  • The much too cute four-legged friends who brighten up the house 💛

Published: 12 January 2024

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