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testimonial - Sigrid, Erik and the most colorful Skilpod

Sigrid and Erik live in a #144, right next door to Sigrid's parents. The search for a new home began because the house they lived in before had become too big after the children had all left the nest. They were looking for a new home near Sigrid's parents because they needed more and more help in daily life.

Building a new house again or remodeling an existing one was not an option for them. The negative past experiences and headaches associated with traditional building or remodeling scared them away. 

When they saw one of our Instagram ads about modular construction, they signed up for an open workshop at our production facility. After an extensive and very informative visit, they were completely convinced that this would be the ideal solution to build a new "nest."

When a piece of land became available next to the parental home, the decision to build a Skilpod #144 there was quickly made. Because we can build so quickly, Sigrid and Erik were able to move into their new home 9 months after signing their contract. Thus quickly moving closer to their parents to take care of them.

They still had the toughest job to do: selecting what they would take with them during the move from 300m2 to 144m2. A very large part of their furniture consisted of Sigrid's ceramic artwork and their daughter's paintings. 

"It wasn't easy, but the ones that are there now are our absolute favorite pieces. The white-and-black design of the Skilpod was perfect for us. A blank canvas that we could do our own thing with."

We at Skilpod obviously don't know which pieces didn't make the final selection, but were extremely charmed by the interior of the wonderfully colorful #144. A photographer's delight.

why Sigrid and Erik love Skilpod

  • No selection stress: the layout of the house is fixed, as are all the connections. So no hours spent thinking about where to place electrical outlets or other connections. It took us less than an hour to choose the finishings.
  • The speed of construction: on the day the house was placed, we could already walk around in our new nest. 14 days after placement we could move into our home, painted completely white. The perfect backdrop for our colorful collection.
  • The after-sales service: if there are any problems, the after-sales service is always available.

what we noticed

  • The many colorful pieces of art and decoration. There was something fun to see in every corner and the longer we were inside, the more discoveries we made.
  • The many sleeping and hiding places for the cats. It seems that they are very happy with the layout of the #144 and love nothing more than running in circles around the house.
  • The retro Coca-Cola refrigerator. Also in a bold color, of course.

Published: 29 February 2024

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